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Parishes Online and Our Senior Center

These online directories for Catholic churches and senior centers nationwide are the largest of their kind, receiving over 2 million page views every month. A premium digital ad places your business front and center to anyone who visits a church or senior center page.


Highly Engaged Audience

Unique, Niche Opportunity

Build Brand Awareness in Your Local Community

Geotarget Specific Zip Codes, Cities, or States

Drive Traffic to Your Website

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Parishes Online

Parishes Online is the largest online directory of Catholic Churches, receiving approximately 500,000 page views per month. Parishioners who visit their church page for the latest bulletin, Mass times or church contacts, will see your ad on display all year long!

Our Senior Center

Senior center membership is growing! Reach out to a community of health conscious, solution-seeking adults. taps into an extremely unique niche, senior audience interested in doing business in their own communities.

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